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Common Car Maintenance Issues in Willow Grove PA

Common Car Issues for Drivers in Willow Grove PA 

When you’re getting your vehicle serviced and maintained, there are a variety of common issues that you can expect. These issues include electrical as well as mechanical problems, meaning that you have to prepare for just about anything. Thankfully, our dealership is here to help! We’ll be giving you a small list of common issues drivers in the Willow Grove, PA area can expect. Continue reading below in order to find out more! 

Warning Lights Turning On 

Warning lights, check engine lights, and tire lights are the most common issues found on cars, trucks, and SUVs. These common on when the ECU (engine control unit) detects an issue from any of its electronic parts, having received a code from one of its sensors. It can be difficult to find out what’s wrong due to the fact that over 200 possible warning codes being found on the average vehicle. Its recommended that you take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic in order to have these issues fixed. 

Engine view of a model
Checking the pads of a vehicle

A Sputtering Engine 

Your engine lives best when the air and fuel properly mix inside of the engine’s combustion chamber, burning without issue. Many moving parts work to allow this process to continue seamlessly, but sometimes they start to malfunction. This is what causes misfiring and sputtering. You should replace fuel and ignition systems when recommended by manufacturer in order to counter these issues. 

Brakes Squeaking or Grinding 

Your brakes, like any moving part of your car, will wear down over time as they’re used and abused. Brakes are a vital part of your vehicle, stopping you from an accident or injury, so when something is off, you should fix it immediately. This includes squealing, squeaking, etc, all of which should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible. 

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These are just three of several issues that might impact your vehicle, there are many other common vehicle issues that might occur. Each of these, and those not listed, should be treated as soon as possible. To learn more about these issues, or to have your model serviced today, please contact our dealership